For decades, artist Neil Goldberg has jotted observations about the everyday and overlooked onto index cards. He’s got thousands of them. In SHE’S A TALKER he lets the cards prompt conversations with his favorite fellow New Yorkers — artists, writers, performers, and beyond. Each guest has a wild imagination and balances humor with vulnerability. New episodes out every Friday.

Latest Episodes

Mike Dimpfl: Post-Embarassment

Neil talks about his childhood wish to stop the waves. DJ and academic Mike Dimpfl talks about his research on "toilet feelings."

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Cakes Da Killa: Wild Orchid in a Basement

Neil talks about summer as its own lifespan. His guest, rapper Cakes Da Killa, discusses how to tell a friend their music sucks.

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Sharon Marcus: Bred for Opacity

Neil talks about air conditioning and sense memory. His guest, literary scholar Sharon Marcus, imagines a daredevil visit to a perfume shop.

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