For decades, artist Neil Goldberg has jotted observations about the everyday and overlooked onto index cards. He’s got thousands of them. In SHE’S A TALKER he lets the cards prompt conversations with his favorite fellow New Yorkers — artists, writers, performers, and beyond. Each guest has a wild imagination and balances humor with vulnerability. New episodes out every Friday.

Latest Episodes

Angela Dufresne: Our Sex is Aesthetic

S3 E06 Angela Dufresne:Our Sex is Aesthetic Artist Angela Dufresne makes the case that painting is like cats, fashion is like dogs. LISTEN TO ENTIRE EPISODE   Angela Dufresne is a painter originally from Connecticut, raised in Kansas, and now based in Brooklyn. She received the first college degree in her lineage. Through painting, drawing...

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Cassie Da Costa: Thanks In Advance

Neil discusses the micro-acting exercise of saying “my husband.” Writer Cassie da Costa finds deep truths in customer service language.

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Isaac Mizrahi: Nakedness & Abstraction

Neil discusses the pleasure of medical touch. Designer/entertainer Isaac Mizrahi consoles us that at least Stephen Sondheim isn't the best bridge player.

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